Why Location Routes?

There are a number of great Film & TV Location Libraries out there to support Location Manager & Scouts, however there are none that offer a unique service for routes “on the move” filming briefs which as a Location Manager is one of the hardest to find and secure. We provide simple manageable routes that take the stress out of finding that perfect route. Often it is more challenging to recce routes with Directors, Producers and other Heads of Departments – we provide the route, images and videos needed to spark their interest and lock the route.

Why set up Location Routes?

Having worked as Location Manager on “PIRATES” back in 2020 (a BFI/BBC Film directed by Reggie Yates) which centered around a car driving from North to South London – I quickly discovered that there was no toolkit or way in which to recce and lockdown routes. There was a lot of useful information on Film London & Met Film Unit websites, but not with what routes would be suitable. I also realised that the simpler the route and one that started at a suitable rigging base worked best. I have also been in the awkward position of choosing routes that are not suitable on the day for the type of vehicle (e.g. low loader). I want to also provide bespoke scouting, consultancy and training to those new to this type of brief.